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target group
professionals working in a psychotherapeutic practice with at least 5 years of experience. If less than 5 years of experience, there will be a intake.

study time
12 days in 3 periods of 4 days

November 29- 2 december 2018
June 16-19-2019
November 7-10-2019


The price is including day stay for 4 days (coffee/tea/lunch) in Belmont (module 1) excl. boarding. 
And excluded day stay (obligatory €158,- for 4 days) and boarding for module 2 and 3 in de Poort. 

Marianne Bentzen

Module 1 in 50/50 Belmont, Ede-Wageningen, The Netherlands
Module 2 and 3 in Conference hotel de Poort, Groesbeek, The Netherlands 
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