Couples and Relationship Workshop

Relationships are larger than the two individuals in it. A relationship can be a warm, creative place in which to relax, learn, develop, grow and create together. Or it can be a cold, barren place that imprisons and limits development individually and as a couple.
In this workshop we will be exploring relationship as a living interactive system. How can we create, sustain and grow creative relationships? You are invited to come with your wife, husband, partner, your friend or close colleague to explore your relationship dynamics. 
Use your relationship as a place to learn and practice as a couple and with other couples in the larger group. Experiment with new tools and practices and see how they work. Bring with you the full range of your experience as a couple so we can share, learn, explore, research and experiment. No matter your experience you likely are not alone! 

Topics will be determined by the needs of the group and can include:
  • What brought you together? 
  • What is the purpose of your relationship?
  • A communication tool that enhances connection even while exploring differences
  • How to reduce conflict and increase shared energy
  • Common relationship dynamics—creative and difficult
  • What to do when you get caught in a difficult dynamic 
  • Decision making:  a battle of wills or a creative cooperation
  • Relationship norms: how they are developed and how they can be changed if needed
  • How relationships are designed to survive, develop and transform 
  • Relationships that create: children, ideas, projects and spaces of value
  • The substance of connection…
    • What it is
    • How to build and sustain it
    • What to do when it gets depleted and lose connection

Who is this for?
Couples, friends and colleagues. There will be room for 12 pairs with first choice being couples.

The workshop will be focused on people in a committed, intimate relationship. Since not everyone is in a coupled relationship, the workshop is also open to anyone in a friendship or working relationship as long you come together. Everyone will be working together as a pair as well as in the group as a whole.

Target group

This seminar is aimed for couples (partners, friends)

Study time

3 days workshop from 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.


Not known yet

Sosts (per person)

€ 625,- excl. boarding and stay.
Day stay (obligatory) incl. coffee/tea/lunch about € 40,- per day.


David Reis


Conference centre Drakenburg in Baarn


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Partners / Family / Friends

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