Heart & Sexuality basic one year program – international

The Heart & Sexuality training courses are based on body-oriented psychotherapy, which is an essential addition to other current therapeutic methods. The approach is based on a number of therapeutic concepts such as Reichian bodywork, systemic work, the work of Willem Poppeliers on sexuality (Sexual Grounding Therapy) supplemented with modern insights from both cognitive and more body-oriented trauma therapy (a.s. developed by Peter Levine). Aspects that play a role in early attachment are included in the approach. After all, healthy attachment is a basic condition to also connect yourself with someone else in the sexual field.

Self development

The Heart & Sexuality training is a very effective form of self-development, in which we address sexuality and relationships in a clear, direct and pure way. Participants are given the opportunity to recognize and catch up on unfinished developmental steps within sexual development, but also to prepare for upcoming developmental stages.

Father and mother

An important part of the training is recognizing and connecting father and mother as our (sexual) sources. This allows us to harmonize our inner masculine and feminine energies and fully utilize the qualities of our ancestors. In the exercises and setups, most participants experience a supporting sexual mirroring for the first time in the development from girl to woman and from boy to man. Working with generation lines also leads to the foundation of the personality and it also brings a spiritual dimension to the work.

Target audience

People who want to undergo intensive personal development in the field of intimacy, sexuality and relationships. To start the basic training you must first follow one of the (introduction) workshops.

Study duration:

24 days spread over four blocks of six days.


September 24 to 29 – 2020
January 14 to 19 – 2021
March 25 to 30 – 2021
June 17 to 22 – 2021
Every block starts on Thursday at 18.00 h. and ends on Tuesday at 17.00 h.


Centrum de Horst, Winterswijk-Meddo (the Netherlands)


Maya Schrier-Kerstan


€ 3300 excluding accommodation costs and subgroup.
The accommodation costs per six-day block amount to € 380 *, including meals and accommodation, to be paid on the spot. (* 2019 price level, possibly with a price increase in 2020 reserved).
Subgroups: € 100 per session, to be met by the subgroup supervisor.


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This program was credited by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) in april of 2015.