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workshops for each of the three themes that Bodymind covers.

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Integrated psychotherapy


Neuroaffective meditations

Study time: 4 days

Wholeness in each moment: NeuroAffective meditations for spiritual practice and everyday life. In this 4-day training, Marianne Bentzen will blend neuro-affective theory, guided meditations, movement and group process. The quality of our lives exists not in the events that we experience, but in how we engage with those events. During good times and bad, practicing – playing with […]

Neuroaffective Developmental Psychology

Study time: 12 days in 3 periods of 4 days.

The purpose of this training is that the participants establish a foundational under-standing of neuroaffective developmental psychology in psychotherapy, and begin to integrate neuroaffective assessment and treatment strategies in their professions. […]

Workshop Neuroaffective Interventions by Marianne Bentzen

Study time: 2 days.

Marianne Bentzen will give a 2-day NeuroAffective interventions workshop at November 17 and 18, 2020. This is for Neuro-affective Psychology & Psychotherapy students or former students only. […]

Workshop Shame and Guilt by Marianne Bentzen

Study time: 4 days

The focus of this workshop is to get a deeper understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of shame and guilt, and how to integrate it in the adult personality. Based on research in developmental psychology, we will explore how these feelings emerge in childhood, what function they have, what to do if they are overwhelming, and what to do if they are not developed enough.[…]

Trauma therapy


Neuro-Affective Relational Model course

Study time: 2 years

The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM™)is an advanced clinical training for mental health and somatic practitioners who work with developmental trauma. NARM addresses relational and attachment trauma by working with early, unconscious patterns of disconnection that deeply affect our identity, emotions, physiology, behavior and relationships. […]


Online Workshop Pre- and Perinatal Trauma

Study time: 4 afternoons in two months (8 afternoons in total).

Resolving symptoms from pre and perinatal trauma and global high intensity activation with greater efficiency through emotional embodiment and inter-personal resonance. Persistent imprints from pre and perinatal traumas are often in the form of implicit somatic memories with a tendency towards global high intensity activation in the central nervous system. […]

Intimacy & sexuality


Heart & Sexuality basic one year program

Duration: 24 days spread over four blocks of six days

The Heart & Sexuality training courses are based on body-oriented psychotherapy, which is an essential addition to other current therapeutic methods. The approach is based on a number of therapeutic concepts such as Reichian bodywork, systemic work, the work of Willem Poppeliers on sexuality (Sexual Grounding Therapy) supplemented with modern insights from both cognitive and more body-oriented trauma therapy […]