Neuroaffective Meditation workshop

Wholeness in each moment: NeuroAffective meditations for spiritual practice and everyday life.

In this 4 day training, Marianne Bentzen will blend neuro-affective theory, guided meditations, movement and group processs.

The quality of our lives exists not in the events that we experience, but in how we engage with those events. During good times and bad, practicing – playing with – a sense of listening or surrendering in the direction of Grace, of the Wholeness in Life, can help us to rest in a deeper current of awareness.

The awareness practices will start with deepening our sense of the three levels of the triune brain and the aliveness they hold:

  • In the autonomic nervous system – deepening our sense of vitality and arousal regulation
  • In the limbic system – resting with emotions, heart feelings and relationships
  • In the prefrontal cortex – exploring how thoughts, images, insights and narratives dance in the spaciousness of our mind.
The workshop will offer:
  • guided meditations to deepen and refine the awareness and presence of the participants,
  • balancing energy exercises and compassion exercises for everyday use
  • meditative interaction processes
  • an ancient archetypal mandala exercise for balancing the nervous system
  • brief lectures on meditation, trauma and the triune brain
  • plenum dialogues about theory and experiences
Participants should bring comfortable clothing and are welcome to bring their own meditation gear. Some prior experience with meditation is preferable. If you want to use a meditation cushion, you should bring your own cushion. Only normal chairs are available.


Target group

People who have some experience with meditation.
The workshop will be taught in English.

Study time

4 days workshop
Day 1-3: 10-13 and 15-18
Day 4: 9-13 and 14-15

On the second day (friday) there will be an  1 hour evening healing session.



June 2-5, 2022


Training costs are €795,-
Obliged accommodation costs are appr. €250,- for dayarrangement for 4 days (coffee, tea, lunch, fruit, plenair room)
Do you also wish to stay overnight in de Poort, the accommodation costs (including dayarrangement) are appr. €560,- with single room or appr. €475,- with shared room. You can also camp at de Poort.


Marianne Bentzen


The training in june will take place in de Poort in Nijmegen.




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