Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt – why it’s important to have them and how to work with them! A neuro-affective developmental perspective.

The focus of this workshop is to get a deeper understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of shame and guilt, and how to integrate it in the adult personality. Based on research in developmental psychology, we will explore how these feelings emerge in childhood, what function they have, what to do if they are overwhelming, and what to do if they are not developed enough.

We will alternate between theory, questions, discussion, interpersonal and individual exercises and debriefings. There will be at least one demonstration session during the workshop.


Theoretical presentations will include:
• The primary competing theories of shame and guilt
• The activation patterns of these feelings in a basic stress circuit in the brain
• The developmental competences needed to be able to develop shame and guilt
• The personal and interpersonal processes that can release shame and guilt
• The function of shame and guilt in socializing children and adults
• How guilt and shame, when adequately integrated in the personality, is essential to the development of morals and ethics.

Exercises will include:
• Somatic and interpersonal tasks and exercises that unfold the theoretical points and reduce or integrate shame and guilt
• Meditative exercises that can reduce shame
• If relevant, supervision questions, primarily unfolded though role-playing brief behaviors from case examples with Marianne

Target group

Professionals working in a (body oriented) psychotherapeutic / somatic experiencing / NARM practice with at least 3 years of experience.

Study time

4 days

Working Hours

Day 1: 10-13 and 15-18
Day 2: 9.30-13 and 15-18
Day 3: 9.30-13 and 15-18
Day 4: 9.30-13 and 14-15.30

On day 2, 3 and 4 Marianne gives meditation from 8.30-9.00.


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Trainingcosts are €875,-

Obliged costs for dayarrangement are €120,-


Marianne Bentzen


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