Workshop Neuroaffective Interventions by Marianne Bentzen

The 2-day NeuroAffective interventions workshops in 2021 are cancelled.


This is for Neuro-affective Psychology & Psychotherapy students or former students only.

If you cannot join both days, it is possible to join for 1 day. The supervision for 1 day costs €260,- with €40 for a day arrangement makes a total of €300,- When you sign up for 1 day supervision, we will do our best to organize you for the day you prefer. But we cannot guarantee this is always possible, because we aim for proportionate groups for these two days.

Marjolijne van Buren-Molenaar over de NeuroAffective interventions workshop:

“In my world, if anything goes wrong during a session, it’s my fault. Which gives me the power to repair it”.

This quote of Marianne I wrote down the last module of the training NeuroAffective Developmental Psychology. It’s typical Marianne: in a playful, courageous and conscious manner challenging our habitual patterns. A good psychotherapist takes an equal position where it’s about humanity and where the therapeutic relationship is at stake, the therapist takes more responsibility.

For me, taking more responsibility means that we know our way around. Not only in the theory, but also in the practical content of our therapy, our sessions, our moments of meeting with our clients.

In this workshop we will deepen our theoretical and practical understanding of NADP by learning specific interventions, attuned to the different levels of mentalization.

In this 2 to 4 day workshop, Marianne offers practical exercises, supervision and theory to widen your possibilities as well your creativity in using the right tools. Or the wrong ones of course, but then consciously.

Target group

(former) Participants of the NeuroAffective Developmental Psychology training.

Study time

2 days workshop

Dates (new data for 2023 will follow)

Not known yet for 2022


€ 405,- excl. stay. for 2 days.
Obliged day stay for 2 days €80,- (coffee/tea/lunch)


Marianne Bentzen


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